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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  December 19, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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3 good evening, i'm jetske wauran, thank you for joining us on this saturday night. 3 supporters for different democratic candidates were at watch parties all across siouxland before and during the democratic debate.this afternoon, bernie sanders' campaigned outside of the promenade cinema in downtown sioux city. they also featured a "big bernie" puppet dressed as a jedi in light of the star wars movie. about 30 people registered to vote for the democratic front-runner in the primary at today's event. they're hoping to earn the support from as many iowans as possible in the 20-16 caucus. 3 personally i think boots on the ground is the most effective way. i mean our phone banking hasn't been going as well, so we go out here we get sixty caucus cards in one go. 3 sanders' campaign also held a viewing party for tonight's debate, at their headquarters. 3 meanwhile, hillary clinton supporters came together at
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lewis boulevard in sioux city. it's part of 1-hundred watch parties hosted by the "hillary for iowa" campaign.. her supporters say, tonight's debate gave the democratic front-runner a great opportunity for clinton to "ensure all families can "get ahead and stay ahead." 3 talking about what is important for everyday iowans like affordable college, like getting healthcare costs under control, like a lot of the foreign policy issues that are on the minds of a lot of iowans 3 since april, hillary for iowa has been organizing campaign events, with supporters in all precincts in the hawkeye state. 3 the three candidates: former secretary of state clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders, and former maryland governor. martin o'malley took to the stage for the democratic parties third and final debate of this year in new hampshire. it's the first and only democratic debate held in the first-in-the- nation primary state of new
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campaign season. the debate focused on national security issues and foreign policy, following the deadly terror attacks in paris and san bernardino. 3 local law enforcement officials in sioux city, helped spread holiday cheer to 40 kids today, thanks to the "shop with a cop" program.sioux city police officers and the woodbury county sheriff's office made sure children in sioux city will have a very merry christmas. for the last fourteen years.officers and deputies have partnered with walmart on floyd boulevard and on singing hills...donating 1-hundred dollars to each child. the best part, boys and girls got to pick out their favorite gifts for themselves and families. 3 it gives us an opportunity to show these kids and their families who we really are, and that we care about the people in our community, and we want to give back to them and do everything we can make them have a better christmas season.officials say, they will continue the tradition of giving for many years to
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season.3 officials say, they will continue the tradition of giving for many years to come. 3 siouxland toys for tots is staying in full action yet again, this weekend...since 10 this morning, volunteers for toys for tots have been bagging thousands of toys at the toys for tots warehouse on wesley parkway. toys are donated by various companies, including cf industries, peformance contractors and other sub- contracts who donated a total of 75-thousand dollars worth of toys and 120 bicycles. the non-profit charity organization is reaching out to more than 3-thousand 5- hundred kids in the tri-state region this year. 3 i get goosebumps thinking about it, but i've never been in a situation before where we had an abundance of toys, sometimes we scrap, and one year of 15 years we weren't able to make our goal of two toys per child because we came up short. but this was a godsend. 3 volunteers hope to complete
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end of this weekend and have them distributed to kids in need siouxland by christmas day. 3 3 one of the most recognizable symbols of the advent season is the nativity scene, and it's here, and *literally* alive in sioux city.the nativity scene features a live llama, donkey, and other live-stock to complete the holiday scene. right in front of the riverside united methodist church on riverside drive in sioux city. 3 kayla, today was so nice, and pretty warm for a december day! 3 tonight look for mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the upper 20s. southerly flow will allow temperatures to warm to the low to mid 40s with mostly cloudy skies on sunday. a cold front will move through sunday evening, but it won't have much effect on the temperatures as they stay just below 40 with low temperatures in the upper twenties. most of the week looks dry with mostly cloudy skies. our next chance for snow comes friday evening
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3 a 19-year-old was shot in 3 a 19-year-old 3 a 19-year-old was shot in the leg at east madison, wisconsin this madison police said the shooting, stemmed from a disturbance. 3 it all happened shortly before 3 pm, at the east town mall. witnesses told police several young men were involved in a disturbance in the middle of the mall. one pulled out a handgun and fired at least one round. madison police spokesman joel despain said a bullet struck a man who was part of the initial dispute. he was taken to a hospital
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wound. meanwhile, no suspect has been found yet. 3 yesterday, president obama signed a final one-point-one trillion dollar omnibus spending bill that got overwhelming bipartisan support in both the house and the senate.. as our national correspondent kristin frazo tells us, critics of the deal say *taxpayers* are on the losing end of this fight. 3 it's had a multitude of problems, but the f-35 fighter jet program is once again getting a boost from the federal government, to the dollars.there's also 640 million for a new ship the coast guard didn't say it needed.and a tax extenders package that includes the package that extenders and a tax needed.didn't say it coast guard a new ship the 640 million for a new ship the coast guard didn't say it needed.and a tax extenders package that includes the so-called nascar tax break, which allows motorsports entertainment complexes to write off construction and renovation costspete sepp/president, national taxpayers what happens is to grease the skids for passage, a lot of favors are traded
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pete sepp says it was politics as usual but one thing stood out.pete national taxpayers unionthe single worst part about the omnibus is that it's going to continue the policy of breaking spending caps that congress had agreed to previously an agreement meant to save money now broken - it was a game changer for lawmakers.rep. scott perry (r- pennsylvania)"for me it was a no vote. we broke the budget caps; we're breaking the bank for the american taxpayer" standup kristine frazao/washing tonbut here in washington that is how republicans and democrats have always done it - lawmakers fights for what's best for their districts or constituents and eventually a deal is done.rep. mike thompson (d-california)"well that's probably the way it should be, that it doesn't please everyone. there was some good parts to it, and some bad parts, so may not the bill that i would have written. but on balance, i think it was worthy of an aye vote, and it was most important to keep the government open."the cost to do so - one-point one trillion dollarsplus 680 billion in tax cuts over the coming decade a budget passed once again in the nick of time.3 i'm kf 3 reporting. 3 still to come, will those 3 warm temperatures stick around? kayla's next stick
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those still to come, 3 will those warm temperatures stick around? kayla's next with your weather forecast, right after the break. 3 3 3
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3 tonight look ht look 3 for mostly cloudy skies with in the upper 20s. southerly allow temperatures to warm to the with mostly cloudy skies on sunday. will move through sunday won't have much effect on the temperatures just below 40 with low in the upper twenties. most of the week looks mostly cloudy skies. our
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3 (tease campaign 2016)right after the break, a bernie campaign staffer is fired...confidential clinton material, we'll tell you what his campaign is saying as the investigation continues. keep it right here, on siouxland news. 3 3 senator bernie sanders' presidential campaign has gone to court to demand the democratic national committee reinstate its access to a voter data base. cbs' julianna base. cbs' voter data access to a reinstate its committee national democratic to demand the gone to court campaign has presidential sanders' senator bernie 3 3 news.on siouxland continues. keep investigation saying as the his campaign is tell you what material, we'll campaign clinton for accessing fired...staffer is campaign sanders' break, a bernie right after the coming up (tease
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chance for 3 snow comes friday evening into saturday. 3 (tease campaign 2016)coming up right after the break, a bernie sanders' campaign staffer is fired...for accessing confidential clinton campaign material, we'll tell you what his campaign is saying as the investigation continues. keep it right here, on siouxland news.
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3 senator r r 3 sanders' presidential campaign has gone to court to demand the democratic national
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to a voter data base. cbs' julianna goldman has more on the democratic candidate. 3 bernie sanders' campaign cried foul on friday, calling the suspension of its access to voter data -- quote -- "a death sentence that would cost it 600-thousand dollars a day in lost donations."the d-n-c blocked sanders from a shared database.. after a glitch allowed his staffers to view voter information compiled by hillary clinton's campaign. it's something sanders' campaign manager jeff weaver says the candidate doesn't need."i can tell you that this campaign does not possess any data, does not retain any data, doesn't want any data. we're running a clean campaign."sanders' campaign filed a federal lawsuit against the d-n-c, while also providing the committee with information on how it used and disposed of the data. the glitch occured on wednesday. it enabled sanders' staffers to view voter data gathered by the clinton campaign for about 45 minutes. sanders' data director josh uretsky (you- ret-skee) was fired by the campaign. he told cbs news he was *not* trying to snoop."my goal was to create a record of what was wrong so that i could accurately assess both for the campaign and for the dnc // what my understanding was of what was wrong.uretsky was fired and other sanders staffers are under investigation. the d-n-c lifted the suspension late friday night, but says it will
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as if you've found a house with an unlocked front door and instead of locking it and notifying authorities. you went in, and ransacked the house and took things that didn't belong to you." meanwhile the data breach is sending tremors through the democratic party. hillary clinton's campaign bristled at a fundraising email sent to sanders' supporters on friday. clinton's campaign manager says -- quote -- "we are particularly disturbed right now that they are using the fact that they stole data as a reason to raise money for their campaign." 3 now at tonight's democratic debate, bernie sanders directly apologized to directly sanders debate, bernie tonight's now at
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3 now at tonight's democratic debate, bernie sanders directly apologized to both clinton and to his supporters'. in response, clinton said "it's time to move on." 3 3 republican presidential candidate jeb bush took the stage in new hampshire this morning.during the rally, the florida governor took a handful of question sfrom younger voters...and even landed an attack against trump, this time involving some name calling on the billionaire businessman. 3 "just one other thing, i've got to get this off my chest, donald trump is a jerk. (clapping) you cannot insult your way to the presidency, you can't disparage women, hispanics, disabled people,
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that."3 bush added trump running for president and insulting, is deeply discouraging. 3 3 (tease autistic)and coming up in our healthwatch...a *touching* story about a dream come true for one 11-year-old. 3 we'll tell you all about her experience as she hits in the ice for a hockey game. that's coming up, right after the
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3 come true, for an 11-year-old
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tells us, the young girl got to meet four referees in a big game between the chicago wolves and texas stars. 3 for 11 year old nicole this -- is her second chicago wolves game. and probably -- the most important one in her see-- nicole... has a fascination with hockey... but "nicole a couple years ago found a big interest in hockey... and i still have that interest... and t hen it expanded even bigger to the referees"nats "good call"it's wearing an official a-h-l jersey on the stands."i dont how the autistic mind words... it takes a topic and saturates dream came true."can i bring in a special guest... hey officials!"she got to meet the game between the chicago wolves and the texas stars.and even got to go on the ice-- for a special picture."what will i get her for christmas now?""it's so special for us to see... for us to see someone in stripes in the stands"it's a moment that hits home for official chris shlenker."i have a 7-year-old with autism as well.. "i miss my little guy but it's moments like that make this part of the job pretty special.""i'm going to remember this forever" "thank you you made this
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3 3 it's been a long and contentious issue across the country..medical marijuana in schools. but now, the auburn school district in maine, is considering a new policy regarding the use of marijuana on campus.if the new policy is approved, students who are prescribed medical marijuana will be allowed to take it on campus, only when administered
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3 "nursing can't administrate it, nobody in the school can administrate it, and as far as i know the person cannot administer it themselves."now the school board admits they have concerns, but they also believe it's an important step the school committee is taking. the next reading and vote will be held on january 6th. 3 scientists have discovered a cell in all of our bodies...that could be used to regenerate your heart, liver or kidney - even a limb. in order for it to work, you need to save them as soon as possible... as reporter matt markovich tells us, it's a new business that's no longer science fiction. 3 what's the matter with 3 you?' - kidney... dialysis.'- dialysis?! what is this? the dark ages?in star trek, dr. mccoy regenerates a patient's kidney with a simple pill. salamanders regenerate limbs naturally - can humans can do the same? that's the idea behind a seattle startup - still unpacking boxes in their
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pretty cool- to preserve a specific cell everyone has in their body that scientists are now using to regenerate organs like a salamander.( alex ) so we are regrowing hearts in the lab, i have friends that are regrowing pancreas - any organ any limb thats an adult limb of course can be grown by these ips cells. i-p-s cells - they were discovered nine years ago -3 and many scientists believe will be the building blocks of regenerative medicine. but here's the younger the cells, the regeneration. so alex and his team have and ips cell bank - that your younger ips cells and use them when regenerative technology goes mainstream . (jenna ) we for several weeks so we grow millions of your cells equivalent to cells we collected and we cryo preserve them meaning we freeze them. the plan is to charge customers $300 for a home collection kit - that's proprietary technology - and a yearly fee - roughly $25 to keep the cells frozen until you need them. (chris ) i think the science is fantastic, we asked dr. christian hall, a pioneer in finger tip regeneration if all this is just science fiction - he say's its not.(chris ) there
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medicine may be able to do. only you can use your own ips cells. (jenna ) that means those of us in our 20,30 and 40's right now will have access to that in our 60's and 70's and 80's instead of being the generation that's too late. 3 3 3 coming up 3 after the break, kayla's got your sports highlights...stay
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3 3 nebraska women's volleyball competed withtexas longhorns for the ncaa national championship in omaha, nebraska today. for years
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rivals, when they shared the big 12 conference. nebraska was able to finish off texas within three sets to win their 4th national championship in 20 years. congratulations huskers. 3 now moving to fargo... where santa drops the puck for the muskees versus the force. 1. first period, no score, jacob wilson rips the slap shot from the top of the circle, but ryan wischow makes the save. 2. then michael boyle picks up the puck, fires the wrister, but wischow gets another save. 3. still no score, force with the turnover at the blue line ... phil knies cuts down the far side, and takes the shot, but wischow again makes the save and keeps it for himself. 4. later the force have the puck down low, denis smirnov, with the shot and gets it past cameron gornet, force are the first on the boardthis eventually leads to another musketeers loss 8 to 2.
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today, the iowa hawkeyes beat drake 70 to 64 and the iowa state cyclones fell to northern iowa 81 to 79. 3 3 3 thanks kayla! we'll have a 3 final look at the weather, right after the break. keep it
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3 tonight look for mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the upper 20s. southerly flow will allow temperatures to warm to the low to mid 40s with mostly cloudy skies on sunday. a cold front will move through sunday evening, but it won't have much effect on the temperatures as they stay just below 40 with low temperatures in the upper twenties. most of the week looks dry with mostly cloudy skies. our next chance for snow comes friday evening into saturday. 3 3 four siouxland families are riding a little easier this weekend.. thanks to a donation from the "angel cars" program. 3 those families picked up their new cars friday afternoon, at tires, tires, tires on gordon drive in sioux city. 3 the program is a partnership between that business and the
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siouxland... which helps connect families "in need"... with donated vehicles.the recipients of donations say they're very grateful to be back on the road.if you want to donate a used car to the program... we've got the contact information in this story on our website, siouxland news dot com. >> announcer: one lottery ticket... >> you watch it, you bought a ticket. now you're on it. >> announcer: chance of a lifetime... >> this vacation has been awesome. >> announcer: >> come on, "advance to go." >> announcer: ...million... >> oh! >> [ screams ] >> announcer: ...dollars. >> [ screams ] >> i told you, i never doubted you. >> announcer: tonight... one life could change... >> yeah! >> announcer: ...forever... >> i want to win $1 million. >> [ chuckles ] >> one more! >> announcer: ...on tonight's episode of...
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